Privacy Policy

We’re privacy freaks. The Craft Cottage does not track you as an individual and we do our best to collect and request as little information from you as legally required to.

However, for both your and our convenience we use third party services that can be considered trackers or which can collect visitor data:

  • Google Analytics for measurement, collection and analysis of web data to help us understand our traffic and optimize our website
  • Akismet for screening comments and forum posts for spam.

You can opt to block this functionality on our website (and any other website) at any time by blocking third party scripts. You can do so with plenty of browser extensions: FirefoxOperaChromeSafari.

We rely on external services for the processing of payments, handling of emails or live chat support:

  • When making a purchase the personal information you provide will be processed and stored by our payment processors Stripe or PayPal according to their privacy policies.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter your name and e-mail address will be processed by our emailing services provider, MailChimp.

Our website uses SSL encryption to ensure privacy and security between your browser and our server at any time. We do not receive nor store any payment information and we use password hashing and salting for your account security.

We store the information you enter upon registration, through our support system or when making an order only in connection to providing you the purchased products or services or for support. You can request we completely delete this information from our system at any time after you are no longer using our services in accordance with the EU GDPR.


Love them, hate them
We both love them and hate them

This website does make use of cookies. These are used to ensure proper running of some of the website functionality (comments, account management). You can always completely disable cookies in your browser. Your browser also provides the option to delete all previously stored cookies.

None of the information gathered via cookies identifies you as a person but for functionality purposes it can identify your device. Cookies from The Craft Cottage expire after 1 month.